Hidden dragons in the city

July 24, 2017

Feng Shui practitioners believe there are five dragons residing in Singapore, protecting our nation and ensuring continued prosperity.


We celebrate Singapore’s 52nd birthday in August. In 1965, Singapore became an independent country after separating from Malaysia. There was much uncertainty then, but decades later, Singapore is a bustling city populated with skyscrapers and people from around the world. Have you wondered how a city-state like Singapore can achieve “First World” status in such a short period?


From a Feng Shui perspective, Singapore owes its success to the residing “Five Dragons of Singapore”. The Western, Central, Southern, Eastern and Northern Dragons all have their own unique characteristics and have played a part in contributing to the country’s prosperity.


Understanding and tapping on the strengths of each Dragon is vital for not just national development, but also personal development. Now, let’s look at how each one contributes to Singapore’s success.


Western Dragon – Forging breakthroughs


Belonging to the Metal Element, the Western Dragon is a symbol of revolution and resilience. Perhaps this explains the healthy development of industrial and high-tech sectors along the Western Dragon such as Jurong and Buona Vista.


Jurong is a major regional centre offering commercial developments outside the city centre. It is currently home to a huge industrial estate and international business park. Besides basking in the “never say die” energies of the Western Dragon, Jurong also lies on the “Land of the Flower Basket”, which enhances creativity. This makes the area an excellent location for creative-related businesses, hinting at an even brighter future for Singapore’s status as a global innovation hub.


Just a stone’s throw away lies Buona Vista, where research hubs Fusionopolis and Biopolis are located. These buildings enjoy the support of auspicious energies from being on the “Land of the Soaring Eagle”. In combination with the sturdy qualities that the Metal Element of the Western Dragon brings, only good things can be foretold about Singapore’s research and development industry.


Central Dragon – Abundance of resources


Let’s move on to the Central Dragon, which belongs to the Earth Element. It is no surprise that this Dragon is also known as the Affluence Dragon, for within it resides Bukit Timah and the world-renowned Orchard area. Did you know that the Central Dragon’s abundant resources are attributed to Earth Element properties? This element has storage and generative qualities, and denotes high adaptability to adjust well to any situation.


Orchard Road, which is located near the Central Dragon’s head, embodies the very essence of this majestic beast. A one-way boulevard most famous for its retail and entertainment options, Orchard Road reflects the “Land of the Seven Falling Stars” formation, which is advantageous to businesses. However, this unique formation requires constant renewal to maintain Orchard Road’s iconic status.


Southern Dragon – Thriving human energies


The Southern Dragon tends to favour residential and commercial developments. Belonging to the Fire Element, the Southern Dragon is a symbol of liveliness and vitality. This is a likely explanation for why several residential districts like Ang Mo Kio and Yishun are located along this Dragon.


Ang Mo Kio is one of the more densely populated towns in Singapore, and is among the earliest HDB estates to have been built. From a Feng Shui perspective, its formation is the “Five Ghosts Transporting Treasures”. This is beneficial to commercial endeavours. When combined with the ability of the Fire Element to draw in human activity, this spells Ang Mo Kio’s continued popularity among north-dwelling residents.


Eastern Dragon – Soar to success


Meandering along the eastern part of Singapore, we have the final Dragon that moves within Singapore’s mainland — the Eastern Dragon. Belonging to the Wood Element, this Dragon is representative of growth. Coincidentally, the world-renowned Changi Airport is located on the Dragon’s head, welcoming visitors from around the world.


Ever wondered how a small country like Singapore can boast having the best airport in the world? It is due to the Eastern Dragon and land Feng Shui of Changi. Changi belongs to the “Phoenix Returning to its Nest” formation, which is indicative of excellent Feng Shui as this Phoenix draws its strength from the Eastern Dragon to soar through the sky. This denotes great potential for growth and success for Changi and its inhabitants. The completion of terminals 4 and 5, as well as the third runway, shall further propel Singapore as an attractive leisure destination.


Northern Dragon – Guarding the nation


Pulau Ubin and Pulau Tekong are the only two areas covered by the Northern Dragon. Although there are limitations to commercial development on these islands, they remain significant in protecting our nation. The Water Elemental Northern Dragon, also known as the “Dragon of Defence”, carries the responsibility of stabilising qi along our shores. Perhaps that’s why Pulau Tekong, the island where the Singapore Armed Forces conducts basic military training, is located along this Dragon.


According to Feng Shui, both islands embody the “Giant Python Patrolling the River” formation, serving as a barrier from potential invaders and safeguarding the sovereignty of Singapore.

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