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The New Year is a good excuse to get rid of all the junk you've collected over the course of the previous 12 months.

After all, tossing out old and unused items will help free up valuable space in your home.

However, sometimes you come across things that you've forgotten you had and are unwilling to dispose of. We all have our keepsakes, our mementos. These items are important if only for the memories that come attached.

But since space is limited, you can't always display everything you want before they start collecting dust and becoming a nuisance to maintain. The same can be applied to bulky items like Christmas trees that see action only once per year.

Unfortunately, most people are unaware of how to pack and store their items properly. Incorrect storage or shelving will see you waste space and run out before you can sufficiently sequester everything away.

There is a way to store your items properly but before you get round to that, you have to take care of the fundamentals. Take an inventory of all the items you intend to store and categorize them accordingly first. This will make retrieving the items much simpler in the future.

It also makes it easy to choose the appropriate sized boxes for the items you have per category. After you're done categorizing, you can begin storing. Here are just five simple tips to help you;

1. Choose boxes of the same size so you can stack them easily. Also choose them according to how much space you have. Big boxes are great for storing large quantities of items but if you're going to have to stack them in a corner and endure an unsightly image, then it's best to rethink your strategy.

2. Label your box according to the category. You can even make a checklist of all the items in that box and paste it on the outside so you'll know what's stored inside without having to open it up.

3. If you're storing documents, file them according to type and year. You can use large envelopes or transparent folders to contain them. Remember to label the folders/envelopes before putting them in the box.

4. When storing bulky items like a Christmas tree, have newspaper and raffia string available. You can't fit the entire tree in a box so you'll need to first disassemble it and then wrap up the different sections with newspaper so they won't get stuck or break.

Secure each section with raffia string and then store them all inside. The Christmas decorations and ornaments need to be secured in bubble wrap and then stacked into boxes layer by layer with newspaper to separate each layer.

5. Stuffed toys should first be packed into bags. Drop a mothball into each bag and then store the bags into a box. Silica gel packs go into the box before you seal it.

Avoid using the generic packing boxes as they won't last long. You can purchase proper storing boxes from places like IKEA that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Alternatively, there's always the option of renting your own storage space.

Companies like Lock+Store provides private storage spaces at a fee.

It may be a small price to pay but if you lack your own space to store bulky objects, it's comforting to know you won't have to throw them away and can instead keep them stored for a rainy day.

Written by: Christopher Chitty




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