protect landed property


If you live on landed property such as a bungalow, you are wholly responsible for the continued upkeep and maintenance of your home.

Even if you have no intentions of selling, making sure the interior and exterior of your home is free from things like algae, cracks and damp patches is important. For one thing, it is unhealthy to share living space with fungi.

These fungi can also cause immeasurable damage to your home and health if you fail to deal with them.

As Singapore is a humid and hot country with frequent showers, primary concerns would be cracks in the façade of a wall and of course water seepage. If water seepage is not stopped, you will inevitably face mold, fungi and mildew.

Here are some steps you can take to combat these problems;

• Roofs/terraces: Other than your pipes in the bathrooms and toilets, a common problem area would be on the terraces/roofs.

Clogging of the drain pipes, improperly fitted drain pipes, gaps between the slabs and even water accumulation can contribute to damp spots forming which leads to stains forming below the terrace/roof.

To waterproof the terraces, you'll need to purchase non-toxic waterproof sealant and seal all gaps in the slabs. You must also make sure the drains are unclogged frequently and that there are enough outlets for water to drain off. Doing so would also reduce the number of insects in your home.

As an additional measure, cover the entire terrace with damp proof paint for maximum security.

Please do not attempt to do this yourself unless you are a trained professional. A contractor on the other hand will know exactly what to do.